Archive | March, 2016


Palavra da semana: Páscoa Exemplo: Feliz Páscoa! Word of the week: Easter Example: Happy Easter!   Remark: "domingo de Páscoa" (Easter Sunday), "ovo de Páscoa" (Easter egg).  You can find more words and phrases in my e-Book "Word of the Day". Check it out! 


Palavra da semana: chega Exemplo: Chega! Word of the week: enough Example: Enough! / Enough is enough! / That's enough! /Stop!   Remark: "Chega! = Basta" is an expression used to say that no more will be tolerated.  "Chega" has other meanings depending on context.


Palavra da semana: quando Exemplo: Quando você chegou? Ontem à noite.  Word of the week: when Example: When did you arrive? Last night.  Remark: Don't confuse "quando" (when) with "quanto" (how much)

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