Archive | May, 2016


Palavra da semana: rua Exemplo: O hotel é numa rua de pedestres. Word of the week: street, road Example: The hotel is in pedestrian street.  Remark: The pronunciation of R in Portuguese is similiar to H in English. 


Palavra da semana: pedir Exemplo: Eu vou pedir um suco de abacaxi. Word of the week: to ask, to order Example: I am going to order/have a pineapple juice.   Remark: "Pedir" has different meanings depending on context.


Palavra da semana: cinema Exemplo: Nós vamos ao cinema hoje à noite.  Word of the week: movies, cinema Example: We are going to the movies tonight.   Remark: "cinema" is masculine "o/no/ao cinema"  (the/at the/to the movies).