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Dizer is an irregular verb. It can have different meanings (to say, to tell, to speak) depending on context.  The third person singular (ele/ela = he/she/it) is used a lot in newspapers.             Ele/Ela diz/disse que … He/She/It says/said that … Exemplo: COI diz que 80% dos ingressos dos Jogos Olímpicos já estão vendidos. Example: IOC says […]


Palavra da Semana: custar Exemplo: Quanto custa isto? R$ 1 (um real) Word of the Week: to cost Example: How much is this? = How much does this cost? R$ 1 (one real) Remark: "Real" is the Brazilian currency. R$ 1 (um re-al), R$ 2 (dois re-ais)


Palavra da Semana: chato Exemplo: O filme foi muito chato.  Word of the Week: boring, annoying Example: The movie was very boring.  Remark: "chato/chata" (masculine/feminine) can have different meanings depending on context.     


Palavra da semana: aonde Exemplo: Aonde você vai agora? Eu vou pra casa.  Word of the week: where, to where Example: Where are you going now? I'm going home.  Remark: "aonde = para onde = pra onde" Want to learn more words? Check out "Word of the Day"

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