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Learning Portuguese through the News will help you improve your Portuguese.  Apesar + de/do/da (Despite, In spite of) Apesar da crise, aumenta o número de brasileiros em ranking de bilionários.  Depite the crisis, the number of Brazilans increases in the rank of billionaires. Apesar de tudo … In spite of everything … Apesar do preço […]

Valer a pena

Learning a New Expression Valer a pena (to be worth it) Valeu a pena para o Rio? (Was it worth it for Rio?)  The Olympics 2016 are over and people are asking if it was worth it for Rio.  What do you think? (O que você acha?)  Do you think it was worth it or […]


Palavra da Semana: ligar Exemplo: Liga/Ligue o computador/a impressora.  Word of the Week: to turn on Example: Turn on the computer/printer.  Remark: "liga = ligue" (informal/formal). "Ligar" can have different meanings depending on context.       


Learning a New Expression Gosto não se discute. = É questão de gosto. (It's a matter of taste.)  If you like something or not is really a matter of taste and also of culture.


Palavra da Semana: gringo Exemplo: Tem muitos gringos no Rio de Janeiro.  Word of the Week: foreigner Example: There are many foreigners in Rio de Janeiro.  Remark: "gringo = estrangeiro"  


Ler é Saber (Reading is Knowledge) Reading articles in Portuguese can be hard in the beginning, but with time and practice, you will improve your comprehension and reading skills, increase your vocabulary, learn new words and expressions and also feel more confident to speak Portuguese.

Cristo Redentor

Did you know that the statue of Christ the Redeemer is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, one of Rio de Janeiro's most recognizable landmarks and a world-famous landmark?     

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