About me

I am Sonia, a fully qualified and certified language teacher who has been teaching Brazilian Portuguese for more than 20 years. I love teaching Portuguese to people from different backgrounds, ages and nationalities who need to learn the Portuguese language for whatever reason.
My students include managers who are posted to Brazil as expatriates, their families, people who work for or deal with Brazilian companies, students, tourists, foreigners who are married to Brazilians or have a Brazilian partner, etc. 

As I could find very little materials available on Brazilian Portuguese, I decided some years ago to produce my own materials. Over time, these materials have evolved into a range of different materials. The published materials include a Portuguese Grammar book, a complete and practical Portuguese language course, Airport & Air Travel Vocabulary e-Book/App and Word of the Day e-Book while materials pending publication are a Portuguese Vocabulary book, a book of Verbal Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, and a book of A-Z of Portuguese Common Words.

Besides Portuguese (my native language), I speak English, German, Spanish and some Chinese (Mandarin). From my own experience, I know that learning properly a foreign language takes time and effort and the learning process can be hard sometimes, even if you enjoy it.

Hence, I try my best to make my materials easy, clear and simple and my classes fun and enjoyable.

I am Brazilian and I come from Mogi-Mirim, a small town located in São Paulo State and 150 km from São Paulo city, Brazil. Over the last 20 years, I have lived in different countries (Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong).

Currently I live in Singapore, a cosmopolitan city that is strategically located in Asia. I am interested in other cultures and in foreign languages. Reading, traveling, yoga and cooking are some of my interests.

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