Airport & Air Travel

Airport & Air Travel Vocabulary (Portuguese/English) is available as eBook at all all major bookstores (see links below) and also as App

Airport & Air Travel VocabularyAirport & Air Travel Vocabulary (Portuguese/English) was developed to make it easy for you to learn and increase your vocabulary related to Airport and Air Travel.

This book covers all the essential vocabulary (over 400 words) on airport and air travel. The words are introduced based on a variety of different topics and in alphabetical order so that you can easily find the words you need. It also includes over 100 useful sentences and 135 verbs (action words).

Airport & Air Travel Vocabulary (Portuguese/English) will be useful for people who have already learned some basic Portuguese and want to expand their vocabulary. This book is also a good reference for professionals and airline cabin crew who fly often to Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries. It may also serve as a travel aid for Portuguese speakers who travel frequently to English-speaking countries. 

eBook price: US$ 5,99

Airport & Air Travel Vocabulary (Portuguese/English) eBook is available in different formats at all major bookstores: Amazon, iTunesGoogle PlayEbookit, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc. and App at: Google Play. Check it out and grab your copy now!





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