Over the years I have met many children, usually born to mixed parents or outside Brazil, who unfortunately cannot speak Portuguese.

I have also met adults, who regret not to have learned Portuguese from their parents when they were a child.

Some parents also regret not to have taught Portuguese to their children for whatever reason when they had the chance to do it.

I decided to create this page having these people in mind and in order to help Brazilian parents teach Portuguese to their children while they are still young. Children can learn a language very easily if they are exposed to it, but they still need your help, especially if you live abroad.  

I tried my best to add many links to some fun, interesting and educational websites that are available on the net.

I hope that these links will be very helpful for all kids born to mixed couples or outside Brazil. They may be also useful for adults who are learning Portuguese as a foreign language and would like to improve their comprehension and listening skills. 

I have a sixteen-year-old daughter and I speak to her only in Portuguese. My daughter is fluent in German, English and Portuguese. She is also learning French and Spanish in school. 

Whenever I go to Brazil on holiday, I always buy books, CDs and DVDs for her so she can increase her knowledge of Portuguese and also learn more about the Brazilian culture through stories, songs and movies. 

Speaking to your child only in Portuguese (your native language) is a great gift and an asset you can give to your child. 

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