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All contents of website are original and copyrighted by Sonia Celegatti Althoff. This copyright applies to all texts, images and audio files. website is the result of hard work, dedication and my experience over 20 years as a private tutor. The purpose of is to help students develop skills necessary for effective understanding and use of Brazilian Portuguese. Money derived from Sonia’s Portuguese Course and Sonia's Portuguese Grammar Book will be used to reward my work and costs of hardware, software, illustrations, materials, etc. and the maintenance of website for which access is free of charge.

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I give you permission to print copies only for your own personal, non-commercial, private use and for use in classrooms (if you are a teacher)provided that the contents and pages are not modified in any form and proper author credit is given, including the link to my website

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No other permission is hereby granted. In particular, you may not copy, distribute, reproduce, sell, translate or transmit any part of in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose without my express written permission. You may not include any content of on any website or distribute any of its content via Internet or in any other way. This is not a complete list of non permitted permissions. No permission is granted, other than those mentioned in the permitted use section above.

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If you would like to ask for permissions not mentioned under "permitted use", please e-mail me at I am happy to consider all requests on an individual basis and will reply quickly to all such requests.


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