Corn Dishes

Brazilians love corn. In Brazil, there are many dishes made with corn like Boiled Corn on the Cob (Milho Cozido), which is usually sold on the beaches, Corn with Butter (Milho Cozido com Manteiga), Corn Ice Cream (Sorvete de Milho), Corn Mush (Pamonha *), Corn Pudding (Curau, Pudim de Milho), Corn Cake (Bolo de Milho), Cornmeal Cake (Bolo de Fubá), Cornmeal Bread (Broa de Fubá), Popcorn (Pipoca), Polenta (Polenta), etc. 
If you are in Brazil, you have to visit a House of Pamonha (Casa da Pamonha) and you should try all these delicious dishes.

Pamonha (Corn Mush) is a traditional Brazilian food. It's made with grated sweet corn, wrapped in cornhusks and boiled until it becomes a paste. It can be sweet or savory and also stuffed with cheese.



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