Cultural Notes

When you learn a foreign language, inevitably you also learn a lot about the culture and its people. That is why I decided to create this page on Brazilian Cultural Notes. 

If you are learning Brazilian Portuguese as a second language, you should get familiar with some cultural differences you may come across whether you live or work in Brazil, do business with Brazilians, have a Brazilian partner or Brazilian friends. You will not be surprised, disappointed or offended by these cultural differences when dealing with Brazilians as you will know beforehand and understand that it is part of the culture. 

Every country has some positive and negative aspects. Embrace all the good things and positive points that are different from your own culture. You can only benefit by being open-minded in this age of globalization.

I intend to add more cultural notes bit by bit and if you have come across any peculiarities of Brazil that are not mentioned here, please drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to add them.  

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