Popular Drinks

If you go to Brazil, you should try typical Brazilian drinks and juices, made from fresh fruit or frozen fruit pulp (Polpa de Fruta).  

Below you can find a list of Brazilian popular drinks.






"Cafezinho" is a small coffee. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world and coffee is a very popular drink in Brazil. For a break you should try a "Cafezinho" (small coffee) with "Pão de Queijo" (cheese roll). Most Brazilians drink coffee with lots of sugar or sweetener. 

"Chá Mate" (Mate tea) is the Brazilian black tea and it is similar to the English breakfast tea, but with a different flavor. Mate tea is usually served hot with milk and sugar. You can also find "Chá Mate Gelado" (iced Mate tea) with different fruit flavors sold in plastic cups, cans and bottles.

"Chimarrão" (Mate tea) is a typical tea drunk in Rio Grande do Sul (a state in southern of Brazil) and also in South America, particularly in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

"Quentão" (ginger drink) is a typical home-made drink, which is drunk in the winter to keep people warm. It's the typical drink of the June and July Festival (Festas Juninas e Festas Julinas), a typical Brazilian festival, that you can only visit and experience during the months of June and July, hence the name. 

"Água de Coco" (coconut water) is a another popular drink in Brazil and you can find it everywhere. It's a natural and healthy thirst quencher. 

"Caldo de Cana" (sugarcane juice), also known as "Garapa" is a popular energy drink. Sugarcane juice is natural sweet and has lots of benefits. In Brazil, it's also sold on the streets. You can have it plain, with fresh lime or pineapple and ice cubes. 

"Guaraná" (guarana flavored soft drink) is Brazil's national soft drink. "Guaraná" is a fruit from the Amazon region.

"Suco" (juice) is available almost everywhere. There is a big choice of fresh juices and smoothies in Brazil. Brazil is a tropical country and it has a big variety of tropical fruits. Some fruits like "Açaí" (açaí berry), "Acerola" (acerola berry), "Jabuticaba" (Brazilian grape), etc. can be found only in Brazil and you should try them. The juices in Brazil are very sweet due to the amount of sugar added so don't forget to say that you want your juice without sugar (sem açúcar) or with only a bit of sugar (com pouco açúcar). 

"Batida" is an alcoholic drink and it can be made with different kinds of fruits. "Batida de Coco" (coconut drink) is one of the most popular ones. It is similar to "pina colada", but without pineapple. 

"Cachaça", also known as "Pinga" and "Aguardente" is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice. It's the most popular distilled alcoholic drink in Brazil. It can be served as an aperitif or a digestif, but it's mainly used to make alcoholic cocktails and drinks. There is a huge variety of "cachaça" in Brazil and prices vary a lot depending on the type. "Cachaça" can be bought in supermarkets and it's usually very cheap in comparison to the price you pay abroad. It can also be found in specialty stores, where all kinds of "Cachaça" from all over Brazil are sold. It can also be found at a "Cachaçaria", a place (restaurant or pub) where you can savor and buy a good "Cachaça" and also have a meal. 

"Caipirinha" is an alcoholic lime drink and it is Brazil's national drink. "Caipirinha" is made with "Cachaça", a distilled sugarcane spirit. Even though it looks like lime juice, it's very strong and can make you drunk quickly. There are other kinds of "Caipirinha", but the name changes if made with other ingredients like vodca, rum or fruits. "Caipirosca" is made with vodka, "Caipiríssima" is made with rum and "Caipifruta" is made with fruit.

"Cerveja" (beer) is another popular drink in Brazil. Brazilians like to drink ice cold beer (cerveja bem gelada, cerveja geladíssima, cerveja estupidamente gelada) and they drink lots of beer. Many foreigners say that the Brazilian beer is very light, but it can still make you drunk. 

"Chope" (draught beer) is another popular drink in Brazil. Many foreigners find it also very light like the Brazilian beer. "Chopinho" (small) is used when the glass is small. "Choperia" is a place (restaurant or pub) specialised in selling draught beer. 

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