1. General Overview
  2. Adverbs ending in –mente
  3. Adjectives used as adverbs
  4. Adverbial Phrases

1. General Overview

Adverbs are used to modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.
Adverbs are invariable and are usually placed before or after the word they modify
An adverb usually answers the questions how/when/where/why.

Ele fala bem português. He speaks Portuguese well.
Não vou à aula  porque estou doente. I will not go to class because I am sick.
Ela chegou ontem. She arrived yesterday.

2. Adverbs ending in -mente

Adverbs ending in –mente correspond to adverbs ending in –ly in English.

These adverbs also come from adjectives as in English.


principal principalmente main > mainly
imediato > imediata imediatamente immediate > immediately

3. Adjectives used as adverbs


There are also some adjectives in Portuguese which can be used as adverbs. 


Fale mais alto. Speak louder.
Anda rápido! Walk fast!

Remark: Adjectives used as adverbs are invariable.


4. Adverbial Phrases


If an adverb has more than one word it is called adverbial phrase. A adverbial phrase normally begins with a preposition and it is like an expression you have to memorize.


à direita on the right
de manhã in the morning
em breve soon

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