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Portuguese Grammar (a complete, concise and practical reference book) and Sonia's Portuguese Course (a complete and practical language course on contemporary Brazilian Portuguese). See Product Description below.

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What is the difference between Portuguese Grammar and Sonia's Portuguese Course? Do I really need both? 

Both materials are completely different and they are complementary to each other. For this reason, I highly recommend both materials to anyone who needs to learn Portuguese seriously and beyond the basics. 

Portuguese Grammar is a complete and up-to-date guide to Portuguese grammar and it should be used as a practical grammar reference book. For more information, please click here.  

Sonia's Portuguese Course is a complete and practical course with over 450 authentic real-life short dialogues and nearly 200 interactive exercises. It gives you the practice you need to master Brazilian Portuguese. For more information, please click here.

To accelerate your learning process, you should use Portuguese Grammar together with Sonia's Portuguese Course.



  1. Tom Patrick

    I purchased Sonia's grammar book along with the cd-rom course a couple of years ago and these materials have been a tremendous asset in helping me learn Portuguese.  Before choosing Sonia's materials, I did an extensive search which included some of the major language instruction companies (e.g. Berlitz, Rosetta Stone, etc.)  and feel strongly that Sonia's materials and approach are among the best available.  Her lessons are very helpful in guiding the learner to achieve an efficeint undestanding of the grammar which is of critical importance when learning Portuguese.  Thanks for all of your hard work and support Sonia.  And your new web-site is great and we are finding the children's section to be an excellent resource for our three-year old daugher.  Muito Obrigado!

  2. Winston (verified owner)

    Having decided to visit Brazil on short notice, I decided to take up an intensive Brazilian Portuguese course that would help me have at least a basic understanding of the language when I visit the country. As I was in Singapore for only 3 weeks, I found Sonia's Portuguese website and course materials. After a quick conversation with Sonia, I purchased the book and CD ROM course to supplement my intensive face to face classes with Sonia.  The lessons on the CD ROM are tailor made for self-learning at your own pace with helpful dialogs and speech playback from a native speaker. The included exercises were interesting, helpful and further enhanced the learning experience of the whole course. The Portuguese grammar book is a very helpful supplement to the Portuguese course as it explains in detail on the different aspects and characteristics of Portuguese grammar and is best used in conjunction with the CD ROM course. It contains very helpful tables and examples that would aid beginners or more advanced students in their respective grasp of the langugage.  In the span of 2 and a half weeks, my confidence in my newfound knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese has increased immensely and even though I have stopped doing face to face classes with Sonia, I still continue studying Brazilian Portuguese with the aid of the CD ROM course and the Grammar book and would be confident that I would have great results doing so. Thanks so much Sonia! Muito obrigado! Vai com Deus! =)

  3. Sandra

    Sonia's materials are very well structured, carefully planned, with meticulously chosen lessons that have proven to be a big help in my learning of the beautiful portuguese language. Having started taking classes with Sonia since March this year, I find both the Course and Grammar book to be excellent accompaniments that have helped pushed me along the learning curve since they are easy to use on my own for revisions throughout the week. Prior to this, I found it difficult to get a good set of Brazilian Portuguese learning material that is comprehensive in all aspects–meaning not just focusing on written lessons on grammar, verbs, and the rest of the works, but also with opportunities to learn to speak like a native, while at the same time giving me the confidence that I will be able to do self-studying. If you are looking for the same thing, this is it. As mentioned before, Sonia's lessons are very carefully structured, with references to the Grammar book when the need for further explanation arises. Together with the CD-ROM where I get to listen to conversations and repeat these on my own, I can't emphasize enough how it has helped me these last couple of months 🙂 Obrigada, Sonia! 

  4. Rainy Pence (verified owner)

    I bought Sonia's CD and grammar book years ago and everyone always asks me how I learned to speak Portuguese so well. I have some friends who bought the Roseta Stone course and they have struggled to piece it all together in a way that would allow them carry out a conversation. I did look through that course and Sonia's course is much better by far at teaching how to carry out useful conversation in Portuguese and at various levels. I  recommend Sonia's Portuguese to anyone who is serious about learing how to speak well, understand the grammar, and develop a good conversational vocabulary.

  5. Pamela Ong

    Portuguese language classes in Singapore are extremely scarce. I was glad to have found Sonia and have had the privilege of being taught by her. I found Sonia’s teaching, her lesson and grammar books, as well as website materials to be extremely structured and well put together. She is a very experienced teacher as she would pace her teaching to my learning ability, and is also very observant/attentive in correcting nuances in my speech and pronunciation. In addition, Sonia introduced me to Brazilian culture, music, and food in the course of learning the language.

    I would highly recommend anyone who is going to live in Brazil or who is keen to learn the language, to do so through Sonia’s course and materials. All in all, she gave me a very good foundation and this has enabled me to adjust better to living in Brazil. Obrigada por tudo, Sonia!

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