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Sonia's Portuguese Course – A complete and practical language course on contemporary Brazilian Portuguese. 

This course is designed for self-study and suitable for beginners to advanced students. It can be used on its own and also as a supplementary material to any course. It is ideal if used with Portuguese Grammar because both materials are complementary to each other. See Product Description below.


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Sonia's Portuguese Course has 50 lessons – Over 450 short authentic real-life dialogues – Numerous and varied interactive exercises. All dialogues include MP3 audio files. Each lesson is available as PDF-file for quality printing. The interactive exercises give you the practice you need and are fun to do. Sonia’s Portuguese Course also includes 40 cartoon strips covering five everyday situations.

  • The most practical, comprehensive and up-to-date Brazilian Portuguese course available on the market.
  • Unique method available only in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Emphasis on contemporary Brazilian Portuguese speech including idiomatic phrases and colloquial expressions.
  • Designed for self-study and intended for people who really want to take the Portuguese language beyond the basics and not just "get by".
  • Divided into three levels (basic, intermediate and advanced) and suitable for beginners to advanced students.
  • Includes a detailed pronunciation guide and a series of pronunciation drills available as audio files.
  • Includes 50 lessons. Each lesson concentrates on a single grammar point.
  • Covers all grammar points in depth beyond the basics.
  • All examples are taken from real-life everyday conversations.
  • Includes 5 reviews of points previously covered (a review every tenth lesson).
  • Includes over 450 short real-life dialogues available as audio-files (MP3) and illustrated with lively cartoons to make learning fun and easy.
  • Numerous interactive exercises (nearly 200) for practicing Brazilian Portuguese and improving your language skills.
  • Includes a vocabulary list (Portuguese/English in alphabetical order) of all words that appear in the dialogues in the 50 lessons.
  • Complements Sonia’s Portuguese Grammar book.
  • Includes audio (MP3) for the cartoon strips.
  • Suitable for people who cannot commit to a language class.
  • Good for students doing fast-track self-study as it is possible to complete the course intensively in 3-6 months. 

‚ÄčTo accelerate your learning process, you should use Sonia's Portuguese Course together with  Portuguese Grammar as they are complementary to each other. See Special Offer



  1. Adelson Nalini

    Compramos o curso com a finalidade de aprender um pouco mais e ensinar o Português para algumas pessoas que queriam aprender. O método utilizado neste CD-Rom é único, e nunca conseguimos um curso que fosse tão completo e ao mesmo tempo tão fácil de aprender. Obrigado Sônia, pela dedicação, você nos ajudou muito e com isso podemos ajudar outras pessoas. Indico 100% esse curso para qualquer pessoa que queira realmente aprender de forma divertida e fácil. 

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