Appetizers & Snacks

Petiscos & Salgadinhos

Below you can find recipes for some typical Brazilian appetizers and savory snacks. Snacks are very popular in Brazil and there is a big variety of fried and baked snacks that you can only find in Brazil. The size may vary depending on the place and occasion. Some snacks are very popular at children's birthday parties and cocktail receptions. Some snacks are served as appetizers in restaurants, but you can find them at any Brazilian "lanchonete". You should try different snacks when you are in Brazil. 

Batata frita French fries
Bolinha de queijo Cheese balls
Coxinha Chicken balls
Mandioca frita Fried manioc
Ovo de codorna   Quail egg
Ovo empanado Coated egg
Pão de queijo Cheese rolls
Patê de atum Tuna spread
Patê de "corned beef" Corned beef spread
Quibe Bulgar wheat/Meat balls
Salsicha empanada Coated sausage
Torrada   Toast