Fish, Meat & Poultry

Peixe, Carne & Aves

Below you can find recipes for some typical dishes. Most Brazilians are meat lovers. Brazil is one of the world's leading beef, chicken and pork exporters. Brazilians love barbecue and many houses in Brazil have a barbecue pit. Brazilian style Steak House (churrascaria) is very popular not only in Brazil, but it is also becoming more popular abroad. If you are a vegetarian, Brazilian restaurants have plenty of vegetables and some restaurants have a big salad buffet. 

Bacalhau ao forno Baked codfish
Bife acebolado Steak and onions
Bife à milanesa Breaded steak
Bife à parmegiana Breaded steak baked with tomato sauce
Bisteca de porco frita Pan-fried pork chop
Caldo de galinha Home-made chicken broth
Frango assado Roasted chicken
Frango frito Fried chicken
Frango recheado Stuffed chicken
Peru recheado Stuffed turkey
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